About Adventus Club

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At Adventus, we take immense pride in being Arizona’s first and only UTV, Boat and Jet Ski club, dedicated to infusing your life with unbridled excitement and adventure. As pioneers in the world of outdoor escapades, we have carefully crafted an experience that transcends the ordinary and catapults you into a realm of extraordinary journeys. Our philosophy is simple: Freedom, Fun and Fellowship.

Adventus is more than just a name- it’s our promise to you. We believe in the freedom that comes from skimming across the water or racing through the desert. We revel in the fun that only true mastery of nature’s playgrounds can offer. Most importantly, we cherish the fellowship forged in shared adventures and stories told by the campfire under the expansive Arizona sky.



Becoming a member of Adventus is like gaining a key to a new dimension where the rush of adrenaline meets the serenity of nature. It’s about becoming part of a community that values the zest of life and the pursuit of happiness. Here’s what membership brings you:
  • Unlimited Access: Enjoy boundless adventures with our premium vehicles, all year round.
  • Tailored Adventures: Whether it’s a solo journey or a group expedition, we curate experiences that meet your wildest dreams.
  • Events and Gatherings: Delight in member-exclusive events that celebrate our love for high-octane enjoyment and natural beauty.



We adore the rugged landscapes and pristine waters of Arizona- our home, our playground. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our adventures are not only thrilling but also conscientious. By maintaining eco-friendly practices, encouraging our members to do the same, we strive to preserve the beauty of our environment for generations to come. 

A portion of all Adventus’ proceeds are donated to TreadLightly. Our partnership ensures responsible recreation and stewardship to keeping America’s Public Lands beautiful, healthy and open. 

Join Our tribe

Join a community where freedom meets convenience, and the thrill of adventure is matched by the peace of mind that comes from hassle-free enjoyment. Embrace a smarter way to explore – where every journey begins with confidence and ends with unforgettable memories. 

Your next adventure awaits, and it’s more accessible than ever. With us, the horizon is not just a destination – it’s a promise of limitless possibilities, boundless excitement, and shared experiences. Dive into a world where the waters are pristine, the trails are uncharged and the vehicle is ready when you are. 

Welcome to the club – where adventure meets affordability. Welcome to a lifetime of thrills without the ties. Welcome aboard – let’s make waves together.