ATV Riding Tips and Advice for Beginners


Summer months will be here soon, and there are lots of activities you can try if you like outdoor adventures. If you haven’t made up your mind, we recommend you get an ATV and get started with this sport.

You can find the best trails near Phoenix and get started with any off-road adventure tours. This guide will discuss a few ATV riding tips so you can be confident. If you follow our tips, you’ll soon be riding with us, at Track Renegades, like a pro in no time.

Preparation with Practice

Always keep this ATV riding tip in mind. ATVs might look simple, but they do take some getting used to. Before you book an ATV adventure tour, make sure you try and practice in a safe environment.

When you hit the trails, your practice will help you stay confident. Take some time out of your schedule and practice braking, throttle, and directional control in an open but secure area. Riding on flat ground is very different from riding on a trail.

Desert tour

Carry and Wear Safety Gear

Riding rules also include carrying and wearing the right apparel and safety gear. This ensures your safety and helps you stay comfortable during the ride. Make sure you’re properly covered.

Your clothes will cover your body, including your arms and legs. In case of a slight tumble, you will get injured. You will need goggles with your helmet, boots, gloves, first-aid kit, map, compass, and lots of water.

Riding Rules

All ATV riding tips will feel useless if you don’t know the riding rules. When you join us for an ATV tour, Track Renegades makes sure you know about the rules for riding. If you don’t know about the rules, ask any crew member. The general rule is to stay on your trail, move when someone wants to pass, and not leave any litter behind.

Adjust and Adapt

When it comes to ATV riding, the most important tip is to go with the trail. As you’re riding, you will come across challenges and obstacles. You need to adjust and adapt to the trail you’re on as needed. If you see any big obstacles, don’t push the brake too hard. This will flip over your vehicle.

There are many other ATV riding tips you’ll learn about from our fellow riders and crew members. Visit us at Track Renegades and get started onATV and UTV rental services Scottsdale with us. We also offer rentals and Desert ATV tour Phoenix.