Why Take A Guided Jeep Tour in Scottsdale?


Scottsdale has some of the most beautiful trails for jeep, ATV, and UTV adventure tours.It has quickly become a top-rated tourist spot for many things. Even locals there often book professional off-road rentals for exploring the rugged jeep trails.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why you should book a guided jeep tour in Scottsdale. At Track Renegades, we take our clients on exciting off-road adventures. You can explore the sites, learn about Arizona history, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery by booking our rental services.

Specialized Trails for Off-Road Adventures

Most vehicles don’t fit on off-road trails. When it comes to our off-road rental vehicles, including jeeps, they can easily fit these gnarly trails. These vehicles have been specially modified to help our riders successfully navigate the rigorous trails without any problems or getting stuck. On our guided jeep tours, we help you navigate safely.

Scottsdale tour

Experience the Desert’s Secrets

At Track Renegades, we take you through the scenic trails in the Sonoran Desert. The commute from the desert to the trailhead is pretty short. Instead of driving for hours to get out of Scottsdale and then looking for the desert, you can simply book a guided jeep tour with us.

Our crew has complete knowledge about the Sonoran Desert, and we’ll let you know all about the history of its flora and fauna, Arizona, and other related things about the landscape. Plus, when you spend time in the desert learning more about it, it will add to your experience. There’s so much you can learn from the coyotes to the cactus.

We Tread Lightly

When it comes to our country’s trails and historic sites, we take extra care of the environment. We use trails that are not overused. Our tour guides know to modify the routes to make sure that there’s no damage being caused.

Many times, people continue to litter and damage the off-road areas. Driving off the designated trails can easily harm the soil crusts. If you don’t know about the weather conditions, it can also cause excessive damage. We take extra care about the guided jeep tours we take our clients on.

Schedule a Tour Today!

If you have been looking for something exciting to do in Scottsdale, join Track Renegades today for an off-road adventure tour. We have self-guided tours along with our Desert ATV tour Phoenix and UTV rental services Phoenix.

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